Escape from Yesterday's Trap

John Allan May author of numerous articles on The Golfing Machine has contributed regularly to Golf Monthly Magazine for about 10 years and has also written for Golf Illustrated Magazine.

As Allan Duffer, the golf non-experts expert, he wrote a series of humorous sketches that appeared in the Christian Science Monitor for many years.

Yesterday you played superbly. Today the magic has gone. Why?

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The Golfing Machine provides you with the "Answer"
So many golfers have experienced those glorious days when they have found "The Secret" and the sad thing is weeks later when they have lost it.

When the day went so well the "Secret" only appeared to be in the shoulder or the elbow or the hands or the hips. In fact it was in the swing as a totality.

The Golfing Machine suggests "The Yesterday Trap" can be avoided.

The following article is from a series which were written by John Allan May in the Golf Monthly Magazine. He is also the author of "Illustrated History of Golf".

The plain fact is that one's understanding of Yesterday's secret is incomplete, that's all.

In short, Yesterday's trap awaits all golfers who do not know their own best Stroke Pattern.

Although Homer Kelley (author The Golfing Machine) established "24 Basic Stroke Components", he also outline the "Three Zones" and it is through an understanding of these Three Zones that apparent complexity is actually simplified.

The Three Zones- The Three Lane Freeway

Zone #1 - The Body Lane

This Zone, includes all the elements of Body Motion, Movement and Balance and defines the geometric Alignments and Relationships of the Body Componets (12-17).

Pivot - Body - Balance

Zone #2 - The Arms Lane

This Zones, includes all the elements of Force and Motion of the Arms and Club Action - Power Package - strictly for Clubhead Power.

Power - Arms - Force

Zone #3 - The Hands Lane

This Zone, includes all the elements of Ball Control Variations.

Purpose - Hands - Direction

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"Escape From The Yesterday Trap"

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