MGOLF 3D Computerised Swing Analysis

MGOLF uses Golf Biodynamics 3D technology which is accurate to within 1mm or 1 degree of movement.

This 3D technology measures six degrees of freedom. This means we can measure your swing rotations as well as your movement to and from the target.

When only the best is good enough, golfers choose Mgolf’s 3D cutting edge swing technology to analyse their swing and give accurate feedback.

Once assessed, our Physiotherapists and Biomechanical experts can determine for instance what golfing muscles need strengthening or where your lack of flexibility is letting you down and assist with implementing a program to address these physical faults.

MgolfF's also provides specific golf fitness conditioning one to one as well as group classes.

Note. I personally attended a 3D Computerised Swing Analysis with someone that I am currently teaching. The following is a full report which shows all the various aspects of the swing.

Mgolf’s highly trained staff provide reports and liaise strongly with golf coaches. In this instance of the person that I am teaching mgolf will liase with myself so we can achieve the best results for this person and all other golfers.

Follow the Link to see a Full Report

Don’t waste time. Have you golf swing analysed and measured the most accurate way in the golf world. Take control and get your golf swing on plane with a 3D Computerised Golf Swing Analysis.



 Call Mgolf on 9583 5300 and book your 3D Swing Analysis today!

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