Mark Walsh - Testimonial

Mark and Bianca at the US Open 2010John Furze Testimonial - 2011


Thank you for all your time and effort in helping to improve my golf game.

When I originally started with you a few years ago I was just getting back into golf after a long hiatus and was extremely frustrated with my swing.

The introduction to Homer Kelley’s works in The Golfing Machine has been a huge revelation for me. After reading this, along with your continued guidance, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about golf mechanics.

It helps to keep your mind focused on the precision needed in a golf swing rather than wondering 'why?' every time you hit a bad shot. The ball never tells lies right?

Other than understanding how to shape a variety of shots I also now find that if I am having an off day I feel I can turn it around very quickly with the knowledge you have given me and at least punch out a more consistent score.

Your website is also a fantastic asset for days when my mind needs refreshing of the secrets to good golf!

I am no superstar (yet!) but I enjoy the continued challenge of striving for perfection with the “guided struggle versus a blind struggle”with yourself and the golfing machine.

John, you always have time for your students and you certainly have an extraordinary ability to adjust your teaching methods to suit the experience level of the student (my wife Bianca, who is fairly new to the golf agrees). You don't get frustrated when your students don't understand, you just explain it in a different manner.

I always leave your lessons feeling like I have improved my game and with a smile on my face (thanks to your amazing sense of humour!)

Keep up the good work and “Sustain the Lag”


Mark Walsh – Golf Machinist 

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