The Golf Swing From A Birds Eye View

The following footage shows the golf swing looking down from a birds eye view.

There are many aspects of the golf swing that we can note as we look down from above on David's golf swing.

David is an excellent golfer and is dedicated to improving his golf swing. He has a thorough understanding of The Golfing Machine Principles and is applying these with a great deal of Precision.

 Things to note are as follows

1. A Steady Head throughout the golf stroke

2. An excellent Extenstion away from the ball through a good Pivot. The Arms, Hands and Club are taken Back, Down and Through by the work of the body Pivot. This is the Motor of the golf stroke.

3. At the Address Position the Left Wrist is Bent and the Right Wrist is Flat and through the use of Extensor Action the Wrist Condtions changed so at the Start-Up / Backstroke Positions the Left Wrist is Flat and the Right Wrist is Bent.

 4. Because of the Extensor Action (A steady effort to Straighten the Bent Right Arm) there is an excellent structure of the Left Arm.

5. David has at least a 110 degree upper Body Turn

6. The Downstroke was commenced by sliding the lower body (Left Knee and Left Hip) laterally towards the target. This move allows the upper body to tilt and the Arms, Hands and Club (The Power Package) are transported down in tact.

7. The Power Package  remains intact, full of power until late into the Downstroke, The Left Wrist is Flat and the Right Wrist is Bent.

8. Impact, "The Moment of Truth". The Hands are well ahead of the Ball and Clubhead with a Flat Left Wrist. This is your number one Alighnment and is Mandatory from the shortest chip to the longest drive. David's head is still well behind the ball. Notice the Flex of the Clubshaft as the Power is released into the ball.

9. Post Impact, David's head is still back and down but will shortly come up to follow the flight of the ball. The Left Arm and Clubshaft is still in a straight line with a Mandatory Flat Left Wrist.

10. Half way through into the Follow-Through the Hands have Swivelled over allowing the club to continue up Plane. This has allowed for a Horizotal Hinge Action ( A full roll of the Clubface with a Roll Feel).

 11. David has completed his swing to a well Balance Finish Position (Balance being one of the Three Essentials of the golf stroke). The right knee is touching his left knee and he has turn up to the tip of his right foot. An excellent Finish Position.

 12. Congradulations David on an overall excellent Golf Swing. This has been accomplished through a team effort and the hard practice and commitment on Davids side.

David's Swing From a Birds Eye View

 Davi's Swing Through The Impact Interval



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