Lynn Blake USPGA Teaching Summit 2011

I take this time to personally congradulate Lynn Blake on his prestation at the 2011 USPGA Teaching Summit in Orlando, Florida.

Lynn's toipic was called "Alignment Golf" and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

From Joseph Hallett and the PGA of America:

"Distinguished Presenter, on behalf of the PGA Center for Learning & Performance, and the PGA Instruction Committee, I would like formally to invite you to be a presenter at the 2011 PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit; to be held at The Faldo Institute on January 24th and 25th, 2011 (located in Orlando, Florida).

ased upon our prior discussion, your talents and abilities were recognized by the Committee and your peers as being vital to share with PGA professionals for the advancement of our Association's instructors."

 Lynn Blake's presentation at the Teaching Summit


 Lynn Blake giving Lou Holtz a lesson at the Teaching Summit 

Lou Holtz was on hand later that day with a presentation on life and motivation. However...and not planned...Lynn was asked to give Holtz a live lesson on the main stage before Holtz spoke. Stands were packed as we watched Yoda work with Holtz for about 20 minutes.  


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