John defending himself and ready for an uppercutGolf Pro turned Boxer

This boxing is one thing that is not definitely for me. I was exhausted after only a few minutes in the ring with my #1 sparring partner brother Darryl

Still, I must admit that I do look the part but instead of putting on  boxing gloves I have decided to put my golf glove back on and head out to the course.

There is so much more room to move out on those fairways than that small little ring.

I must admit that after those few minutes with my sparring partner (and hee said that I have a good right hand) it just showed me how unfit I am. So within a couple of days I joined the local gymnasium and now have a personal trainer named Jo.

Who knows, maybe in a few months I could be back in the ring, but I doubt that very much.


John about to deliver a right jab     John defending himself. He doesn't want to get hurt


 John with sparring partner brother Darryl


 Warming Up with Sparring  Partner brother Darryl

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