Tom TomaselloTommy Tomasello (USPGA, GESD)

Tom Tomasello was one of the early Authorized Instructors of The Golfing Machine.

He had retired from the Marine Corps and was in his second career in the golf business;

in 1979 he began studying The Golfing Machine and it was from his living room in 1980 that he made that fateful long-distance call to Homer Kelley asking him to explain Hinge Action

In 1989, Tom's road took him to Australia at the invitation of the Australian PGA and Peter Croker. Over a period of four weeks, he conducted a series of workshops that introduced TGM to the Land Down Under. This was a golfing experience never to be forgotten.

This was to be a very comprehensive golf instructional school whereby a group of golf professionals and attending ameteurs would be taken through The Golfing Machine.



Tom Tomasello's Golf Swing in Action


Tom Tomasello Demonstrating Horizontal Hinging

Using Power Accumulators 4 - 2 - 3 


 Tom Tomasello Demonstrating Angle Hinging 


Tom Tomasello  Bunker Play using Double Wrist Cock 


 Tom Tomasello Playing on the Golf Course 

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