Homer William Kelley at Impact (Sections 8-2, 8-10)Homer Kelley - G.O.L.F. Bulletin - December 1982

“Alignment Golf" (Hand Controlled Pivot) and “Position Golf" (Pivot Controlled Hands).

The subject for this outing is - the difference between “Alignment Golf" (Hand Controlled Pivot) and “Position Golf" (Pivot Controlled Hands).

Position Golf advocates teaching the Pivot Components (especially) to move from an Address Location to a “Top Location” to an Impact Location to a Finish Location in such a manner as to cause the Arms to whip the Clubhead along a path that passes through the Ball Location.

Then to practice adjusting these various locations to vary and control Ball Behavior. I know, because I spent fifteen years trying to reduce that shift to some sort of a pattern. All the time, with the cry “Golf is an art, not a science.” ringing far and wide. And to this day.

“Einstein was a great engineer but a lousy golfer.” Ipso facto - all engineers are doomed to lousy golfing - unless they ignore engineering, which they apparently do.

"Alignment Golf” holds that the relationships of those “Component Locations,“ “Positions” AND Movements, with each other and with the target line, are the Golfing Imperatives.

Here is the point of apparent confusion for some seekers.

The Hands and Arms do not substitute for the Pivot. The Pivot is the entire substance of Zone #1 of the G.O.L.F. techniques and advocates precision relationships and movements of the Pivot. Which must be educated to make any adjustment of these relationships and movements the Hands declare necessary for avoiding interference with its complete freedom in executing the Three Functions of the Club - those of the Clubshaft, the Clubhead and the Clubface.

All three of which must be kept completely coordinated but completely independent - the only procedure available for consistently precise Impact.

The advantages of this is obvious in the Golfing Machine. All of these factors can be identified, catalogued and assembled into completely compatible and repeatable - as well as infinitely and voluntarily adjustable - individual Patterns.

So Hand Controlled Pivots are Pivots at their best.

Now - what is recommended, is educating the Pivot Components - per Zone #1 OUT OF THEIR DICTATORIAL FIXED POSITION SYNDROME forthwith!! Third with, if possible. At least, get started!!

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