golfzoneTalking Golf with John Furze

The following is an interview conducted between myself and John Lyons the Managing Director of Golfzone.

This interview covers topics such as my aim in golf in the future, promotion of Junior Golf, advancement in golf equipment, my likes and dislikes in golf.

Tiger Woods as seen by golfers today and will he ever make a comeback to the level of golf that he has played.and more.

GolfZone TV is home for golf training videos, golf video lessons and golf tips. 

Channel 31's GolfZone TV.

Golfzone TV is an excellent channel for seeing what is happening in golf and there are many golf tip being given out by various golf professionals. These tips can be from Putting, Chipping, Pitching and right through to the Full Swing.


Talking Golf with John Furze (PGA, GSED)


 John Furze (PGA Australia, GSED)

John Furze (PGA, GSED)        John Furze (PGA, GSED)        John Furze (PGA, GSED)

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