One Man's Journey - An Inspirational Story - Antarctica 2041

Robert Swan (OBE)Robert Charles Swan (OBE)

This was indeed the most enthusiast and inspirational talk that I have ever attended. The commitment and challenges that were to confront one man were extraordinary and beyond the adversities of man.

I would ask you also to be a part of this Inspirational Story of one man's boyhood dream that came true. This is why I am including this article on the website. I truly hope that it inspires you all.

It is making a stand and facing up to yourself and completing our own personal goals in life and never to surrender but to go forth and make our dreams a reality. Robert Swan never gave up, through minus 72 degree conditions, his own perspiration turning to ice yet he kept putting one step ahead of the other. He never surrendered.

Was he mad? Was he stupid? He would never make it but by his own confession he will tell you that he was both. Everybody said he would die on these journeys, that he would never come back alive.

Begin it now for Boldness has Genius, Power and Magic in it. Robert Swan

But friends let me tell you (I was with him on Tuesday and he was certainly very much alive and ready to go back as he does ever year). that  he completed his dream and what he has done and is doing now and for OUR FUTURE existence of our children and their children's children is an absolute credit to mankind.

Robert Swan (OBE)Things at the Poles are changing he said. He has seen it with his own eyes. Once a year he ventures back to his house (only house existing there).as this is his life.

On Tuesday 12th October 2010 I was invited to conduct a special Corporate Golf Event ( two separate events were conducted throughout the day, a lunchtime session and an evening session).at the Intercontinental, Rialto Hotel, in Melbourne, Victoria.

We had set up a golf net and mat in the conference room along with teaching aids and a video swing analysis computer system so we could replay golf swings, and point certain area of their swings that may require a little attention.

Over 250 guests attended these two sessions to hear the guest speaker (Robert Swan OBE) give his talk about being the only person in history to walk both the North and South Poles.

He concluded his talk by saying that he could be both the first and extra-ordinarilky the last person to have done this. Read on to understand why this could be so. After Robert Swan had completed his delivery guests were then invited to lunch and to sample the goods from the many stalls that were participating in this day.

Golf was one of these events and I was keep extremely busy talking about this great game and showing about the golf swing. Many people both golfers and non-golfers hit ball into the net and I assisted and commented on their swings. Golfing Tips were flowing left right and centre.

Robert Swan (OBE) getting a Golf Lesson from John Furze

John showing Robert some of the finer points of the game      John giving Robert a little instruction


Keep It Cool patron, Robert Swan, OBE is one of the world’s preeminent polar explorers and environmental leaders.

The first person to walk to both the North and South Poles, Robert’s lifetime goal is working towards the preservation of Antarctica as the last great wilderness on earth by the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change. To this end he founded the group 2041.

 2041 undertakes to inform, engage and inspire the next generation of leaders to take responsibility, be sustainable, and know that now is the time for action in policy development, sustainable business generation and future technologies. 

 Antarctica 2041 by Robert Swan


In the words of Robert Swan OBE

“Decisions made by today’s youth

will impact our entire planet’s ecosystem and the future of life on earth”.



In the year 2041 the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty (commonly known as the Madrid Protocol) could potentially be modified or amended. 2041 aims to work towards the continuing protection of the Antarctic Treaty so that the last great wilderness on earth is never exploited.

In 1992, on completion of the walks to both poles, Robert Swan was charged by world leaders at the first ‘World Summit for Sustainable Development’, held in Rio de Janeiro, to undertake a ten year global and local environmental mission involving industry, business and young people.

"As a pioneer he challenges us to reach new heights of excellence"

Upon the successful completion of the missions, Swan reported back to world leaders at the second World Summit in 2002, held in Johannesburg. Here he committed to a further ten-year mission to inspire youth to become sustainable leaders and promote the use of renewable energy for a sustainable future.

Swan’s unique insights and lessons learned have enabled him to educate and stimulate young people and business leaders all around the world. He compares his icy experiences to boardroom maneuvers and his inspirational addresses on leadership and teamwork have received acclaim from discerning audiences worldwide.

His contribution to both education and the environment have been recognized through his appointment as UN Goodwill Ambassador for Youth, a visiting Professor of the School of the Environment at Leeds University and in 1994 he became Special Envoy to the Director General of UNESCO.

He was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 1995. 

 Robert Charles Swan (OBE)


 For Your Contribution to the Future of Mankind

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