The Basic Swinging Motion

The Basic Motion is two feet back and two feet through. Unless this motion is made on the Putting or Chipping green, the Stroke is almost always too long.

This first stage of the Basic Motion Curriculum can indeed serve "as a syllabus for an exercise lesson." But it is so much more. In fact, it is no exaggeration to state that it is the Foundation of the Golf Stroke.

Remember, you swing through the Ball, not at the Ball. The Basic Drill is without a Ball and with continuous 'back and through' and 'back and through' and 'back and through' motion. Periodically, stop at the end of the Stroke, and Look, Look Look to verify that your Wrist Alignments have been maintained. Then, resume the 'back and through' continuous motion.

Work on your Basic Motion. Pay attention to each Component and its alignments. This is the foundation-stone of your Stroke and of your Game.

It is no less than The Gateway to your best Golf.


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