Grip Variations

Therre are various grips used in golf by many golfer. Each grip is as correct as each other.

The Hands are the only connection between you and the golf club. Your grip must be correct. Never take your grip for granted.

The great Ben Hogan once said: “Good golf starts with a good grip”.

The Hands are the command posts, they dictate to the body as surely as they dictate to the club. They are like two Generals giving orders to the soldiers, the Feet, Knees, Hips and Shoulders.

If the Generals don’t tell the soldiers (the body) what to do they will not do anything. The Hands must tell the body, to commence the pivot so that they can be taken back, down and through.

All motion is focused on driving the Hands to the ball through an effective pivot with the clubhead trailing, not trying to get the clubhead to the ball with the Hands following.

It is one thing to have the clubhead back at ball but you could have your Hands well behind the clubhead at impact resulting in the club swinging on an upward path through the ball.

We want the Hands and the clubshaft back over the ball at impact.   

 Wrist Motions

   Grip Variations

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