Power Accumulator #2

Cocking and Uncocking of the Left Wrist is Velocity Power in golf

The left wrist is Cocked during the backswing, which puts the Left Arm and the Clubshaft in an out of line condition of the Power Package.

The Left Wrist remains fully Cocked until late into the down swing (Release Point) until which time it is then Uncocked and the power is released into the ball.

This is Velocity Power in golf at which time the clubhead is picking up speed.

Its in line condition will occur at Follow-Through position (first time both arms are straight) which is post impact at which time the Left Wrist would be fully Uncocked and power is fully spent. If this occurs prior to impact power will be released prematurely.

Keep in mind that a divot is taken in front of the ball and it is the Uncocking of the Left Wrist that will enable this to happen.


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