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This website has been designed to assist players of all levels to improve their golf stroke and make the game more enjoyable and fun to play.

My mission in golf today is to pass on my many years of experience in a concise but effective way through the works of The Golfing Machine. I am one of 21 Teachers worldwide to hold the designation of "Doctorate in Golf Stroke

Thre is no "The Way" but only a "My Way". The teachings of golf is through a System not a Method.

Ranked in the top 50 list of Teachers in Australia and a former Director of Golf Instruction at the Norman Von Nida Golf Academy (they were great days talking to the Von) John has a genuine desire and concern for the improvement and further development of The Golfing Machine Education Program worldwide.

Scientific studies and recommendations are no substitute for a players experience in learning the golf swing. We must all, as golfers understand the concepts that are involved and how best these can be applied.

I would like to acknowledge and give full credit to Mr.Homer Kelley author of The Golfing Machine who unravelled the mysteries of the golf swing. And done this in a way no other person past, present or future has done or will ever do.Homer Kelley has given us the tools to work with.


"The Golfing Machine System is Revolutionizing Conventional Teachings"


I would also like to thank Mr. Alex Sloan (USPGA, LM, GSED) who was in the First Authorized Instructor Class conducted by Homer Kelley of The Golfing Machine. Alex has given me his valuable time, knowledge, advice and I can say he is a true friend. Alex, I am so grateful and appreciate everything you have done and still continue to do. I personally, along with fellow Golf Professionals fully recommend Alex Sloan's "Infallible Golf" DVD.

It contains the Truth behind the Golf Stroke and when you know how Precise it can be then you know how Precise you have to be.

 "I won my first three PGA tournament after only one lesson from The Golfing Machine".  

It is all in this DVD. BUY NOW!!!

 As teaching fads come and go "The Golfing Machine" has maintained its premier status for over 40 years of Fact Based golf instruction.    


Our specialized G.O.L.F. Machine Workshops are of world class standard and are revolutionizing the conventional method of teaching.

Thank-you fellow golfers for taking the opportunity to read this and everything on this website and the knowledge and love for this game that I have accrued over all these years is with you in mind hoping, knowing that one day, maybe today, or tomorrow you reach your golfing goal.

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John Furze
(PGA Australia, GSED)

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Biography - John Furze (PGA, GSED)

 After years of dedication to the teaching of golf I gained my “Doctorate” in The Golfing Machine which is highly ranked within both the playing and teaching profession of professional golf.

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